Digital Public Relations (PR) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to take your brand and business to the next level.

    Broadcasting a message that connects and resonates with your ideal client will positively impact your company’s bottom line. We can help you build trust and authority for your business so that you can dominate the digital space in a meaningful way with your target audience.
    As a business owner operating in today’s marketplace, you need to include Digital PR and various SEO techniques as your top focus areas.

    Want to get published at the best media outlets and help build your social proof, traffic and reputation as a leader in your industry? Do you want to position yourself head and shoulders above your competitors over time and significantly improve your ranking in organic search? Well then, read further.

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    Let’s rewind a bit and give you some history. In the olden days, PR was the predominant way of mass communicating your message. With the advent of digital, SEO became a growing and dominant aspect for developing your business online.
    Our hybrid model adopts the best of both worlds from the traditional PR techniques and the technical and digitally focused SEO techniques. Our clients are reaping overwhelmingly positive results from this unique integrated approach.

    How Digital Ceuticals can help you achieve your goals.

    It’s simple – we get you published on high-quality websites that link back to your business: This signals to search engines and Google that you are an authority for specific keywords/anchor texts. Over time, you will rank those keywords for organic traffic by appearing in searches and ultimately getting more visitors to your business.
    Producing great content that is engaging and relevant to your ideal client persona is key to success. Digital Ceuticals helps you broadcast what’s implicit to you and make it explicit to the targeted community you serve.
    We work closely with you to identify a strategy that meets your needs:

    1. Hone in on the industry niche you want to target.
    2. Identify target websites and their authority/rating and traffic where you want to be published.
    3. Set keyword strategy and content silos so that you have a focused cluster. An aged domain and great content with high-quality links from relevant websites are still the two most important factors in ranking your website on Google and giving your business the authority it deserves.

    To rank on the first page in Google

    you must create exceptional content that your prospective clients are interested in and secure backlinks from high authority and relevant websites.
    We all know first-hand how crowded the digital marketing space is with various specialities and tasks that you need to do as a business owner to include: on-site, off-site, technical SEO, local SEO and Google my business, keyword research and content strategy, pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), website design and development, affiliate and influencer marketing, social media, reviews and testimonials…

    Like most business owners you probably have limited time and resources to complete all of the above initiatives. As alluded to earlier, great content and backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites will have the most significant impact on your business:

    Our Client Benefits

    • Rank higher on search engines and, most importantly, Google
    • Get more organic traffic to your website
    • Build a brand that’s recognized within your community
    • Improve your authority ranking, which in return increases your trust factor
    • Attract the correct type of client and convert better eyeballs to buying clients

    What We Do

    At Digital Ceuticals, we have an experienced team that’s ready to effectively and efficiently implement your best PR and SEO initiative to date and take your business to the next level.
    Here is what we can do for you

    To be clear from the start, everything we do is Google-friendly and leverages proven strategies and techniques that are safe for your business. Digital Ceuticals helps you set a bespoke strategy that meets your business growth targets and, more importantly, executes this strategy on your behalf.

    Our Value Proposition to you includes focused services that lean on our relationships and leverages our trusted reputation in the industry.

    We offer the following services that are key to your success:

    Website and Technical Audits

    You need to ensure the foundation is solid before implementing our solutions and getting traffic to your site. Our website and technical audit include:

    • User experience (may also include: value proposition, social proof, and reputation)
    • Speed and performance to ensure you are fully optimized and ready for growth
    • Indexing schema for crawling to ensure we are receiving backlink benefits to the pages that matter most to your business

    Regular website audits and crawl reports help us evaluate your website on an ongoing basis for continuous improvements and tracking purposes. It also helps ensure that your website is structured to optimize the content and backlink juice we generate on your behalf.

    Keyword Research

    The keyword research process is our starting point for engagement to figure out the money keywords prospect customers search for when they are ready to take action and purchase a product or service. Our team conducts a thorough exercise, and the output of this undertaking will be the guideline we use for our SEO strategy.
    Our team researches and identifies actual search terms customers are searching for to include exact match keywords, variations and long-tail keywords. Our firm looks for keyword intent and aims to rank for the keywords that matter to your customers when they need your services most. Search volumes, competition score, existing ranking, and many other factors are vital in determining what keywords we target in our campaigns.

    On-site and Technical SEO

    Our team helps you enhance your website to ensure it’s Google optimized for the search terms you want to get indexed for: This includes optimizing individual web pages to improve their position and increase the volume of relevant organic traffic in search engines. We also look at your website holistically to optimize all pages that matter as well as ensure the technical foundation is sound, scalable and resilient.

    On-site SEO:

    Search engines can only read the page’s source code: This is why Google hired actual humans to review websites and provide feedback to be considered in their algorithm. On-page SEO helps search engines figure out how to match pages to queries. The difficulty comes when you want to rank different pages that fall under the same query. It’s an art and a science as Google is a black box and great SEO professionals are constantly testing different approaches and comparing outcomes.

    Here are some of the items included in our content audit for on-page SEO optimization to ensure it’s within guidelines:

    • Section headers (H1-H6)
    • Title Tag for Each URL
    • Meta Description for Each URL
    • Images alt text
    • Internal Linking
    • Featured Snippet Optimization
    • URL Structures

    Technical SEO

    Anything that’s missed with on-site SEO and off-page SEO is usually captured here. Technical SEO changes are behind the scenes technical improvements that are not seen by users, yet make a significant impact on your website.
    Some of the items looked at in our Technical SEO audits are:

    • Page Speed Optimization opportunities
    • Pages Returning Errors
    • Broken Links
    • Ensure the website is mobile-friendly
    • No Indexation Issues
    • Website Structure
    • Duplicate and Thin Content
    • Proper XML sitemap setup

    Off-site SEO

    Having an exceptional website design and content is a good start, but that won’t necessarily get you the authority and traffic you are looking for. Here is where off-page SEO comes in to highlight and showcase your website authority.
    Historically, the common wisdom was that if a page outside of your website linked back to a specific page on your website, thus creating a backlink, that signaled to Google and search engines that your page/website is “popular”. The higher the authority and relevance of the website linking back to you is, the more juice you will get.
    Our team starts with backlink analysis and link clean-up to eliminate poor quality backlinks and disavow spammy links that are dragging you down.

    Digital Ceuticals then works on developing better ones for you through building natural backlinks to your website: This is where the rubber hits the road, and you start seeing progress. We only secure high-quality and relevant backlinks that align with your business niche and geography. Digital Ceuitcals has an extensive network and deep relationships with reputable publications that you can benefit from.

    Backlinking is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing and SEO, and we are experts in helping clients secure and maintain safe backlinks that are Google friendly.

    Content Strategy

    The keywords we end up selecting for our campaigns will help guide your content strategy and plan of action. We will create keyword clusters and content silos that focus on your expertise and what differentiates you as a company in the eyes of your potential customers. In our content recommendations, we aim to provide incredible expertise and generosity in sharing. Your content must show passion about the topic; your readers will feel it and this helps Google index and rank your content as an authority in the space.
    This content strategy will help you get the right content to the right people at the right time. The combined goal is to ultimately start ranking or move your company up in ranking for the keywords and phrases we are targeting in search engines.

    Why Choose Digital Ceuticals?

    It’s in our name Ceuticals is “a suffix meaning refines healing item or therapy” this is precisely what we do for your business by enabling and growing your digital presence. We are trustworthy partners who can help you formulate a digital strategy that aligns with your business to realize exponential growth. “We are afraid of the enormity of the possible.” Emile M. Cioran No No No, that can’t be true. Our clients ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE ENORMITY OF THE POSSIBLE. If anything, they are looking for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH and impact. We are strategic thinkers helping clients formulate a visionary digital strategy. What sets us apart is that we are also doers and can execute PR and SEO plans flawlessly. Our team is buoyant and can deliver fantastic results on small and large budgets We don’t charge you a hefty retainer to try and get you noticed; we pursue a comprehensive link acquisition strategy and only charge for actual placements that our team secures on your behalf from the highest quality websites.

    PR driven, safe and scalable link-building to help you grow

    All our packages are customized to fit your needs. Digital Ceuticals works with you to determine what best suits your current situation and future goals and builds a strategy for optimal results.

    A significant portion of our strategy will likely include link building which includes but is not limited to:

    • Building a list of target websites based on DA/DR, Niche, Traffic…
    • Review the list with you for approval before commencing work to secure the links.
    • Start our outreach and connect with publishers to pitch our expertise and briefs.
    • Track and monitor progress and share with you periodic updates.

    We love working with other agencies and white label our services! As an agency, you manage and own the relationship with your customer while we are your trusted partner on the backend, fulfilling your orders at the highest quality possible. Most of our business today is through recurring agency orders, and we expect this segment of our business continues to grow over the coming years. We are trustworthy and ethical in all our dealings and old fashioned in the sense that our word is worth its weight in gold. Having said this for your privacy and peace of mind, we have NDAs and Non-Poaching clauses in place so that you can rest assured that your customer is yours and only yours.

    Who Are We?

    Digital Ceuticals is based in Toronto, Canada, and our team operates virtually and globally to meet client needs across the globe. Digital Ceuticals has team members on six out of the seven continents and is proud of our diverse team. We are working on hiring someone in Antarctica so that we can say we have a presence on all seven continents!

    Our team covers many industries, but most of our clients are from Financials Services, Healthcare, Technology (blockchain and AI companies), Education, Cannabis, Marketing, Casinos and Startups.
    A considerable portion of our business revolves around manual link building led by our proven PR approach. Digital Ceuticals has a track record of improving search traffic and rankings for our clients.

    Digital Ceuticals consists of seasoned business professionals that have started, acquired and sold businesses in the past. This company grew from our personal need to have such a service delivered to us by a reputable provider that we can trust. It wasn’t easy, to say the least, to find such a company, so we launched our own.

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